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Strategic consulting in the field of research and knowledge-based communication


public / opinion / relations

Surveyshow helps companies, organizations and institutions. It provides substantive support at the stage of creating knowledge and in the process of sharing it with the society, creating effective, socially responsible, cognitively valuable and reliable communication.


public / opinion / relations



public / opinion / relations

Data mining.

Information distribution.


Surveyshow carries out opinion polls and communication projects. Depending on the expectations of the client or project goals, it combines (or not) the areas of research and communication. Surveyshow is an independent agency with the methodological background and resources to carry out its own and commissioned opinion polls and to design data-driven communication strategies.

Data mining -> PUBLIC OPINION team
Identification of sources of knowledge, information, data / analysis of existing knowledge, qualitative exploration, quantitative polls /
data analytics / OSINT /creating knowledge and substantive support for projects

Information distribution -> PUBLIC RELATIONS team
Creating a knowledge-based communication strategy / creating various forms of message and content, selection of distribution channels /
execution and efficiency analysis


public / opinion / relations


Research services of the PUBLIC OPINION team

Public opinion polls

Quantitative opinion polls (CATI), qualitative explorations (FGI), desk research, consultations in the field of designing research tools, sampling, optimization of realization procedures and costs

Substantive support

Providing substantive support to companies, organizations, media, decision-makers at various stages/fields of their professional activity.

Reputation analysis

Communication audit, brand research, monitoring, reporting and analytics of the effectiveness of professional activities.


public / opinion / relations

Communication services of PUBLIC RELATIONS team

Public Affairs

Positioning, formulating messages, reputation management, media training, substantive support, analytics, shaping public opinion and social discourse

Digital Public Relations

Social media strategy & advertising, social activation & management, influencer relations, social media event support, social media amplification, programmatic buying, SEO services

Communication strategies

Corporate communication, media relations, crisis communication.

Information, educational and CSR campaigns

Information, educational and CSR campaigns based on research results, providing substantive support for projects, preparation of reports (industry, thematic, problematic)

Content creation

Audio & video & animation productions, graphic design, reports, presentations, data visualizations, information design


public / opinion / relations


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